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Spa Parties

You've ALWAYS wanted to host a spa party and NOW is your chance! B's Hive of Therapy Day Spa has ideas that will deem you "Hostess with the Mostest"! Spa parties are the latest spa trend and EVERY girl wants in on all the fun and relaxation! Great for ANY occasion, spa parties are sure to wow your guests and leave them completely relaxed and rejuvenated. We will close our spa to the public for a private affair for you and your guests OR bring the spa to you complete with ambiance. Our parties are extremely unique and you'll be glad you chose
B's Hive of Therapy Day Spa.

Spa Party Menu


 *All rates are on a per person basis

Pick (2) $75  Pick (3) $100  Pick (4) $125

 · Guided Relaxation    · Make-Up Application  

 · Chair Massage   · Mud Mask with Neck Wrap  

   · Sauna (Available In Office Only)

   · Herbal Foot Soak


       Pick (2) $105  Pick (3) $150  Pick (4) $195  

· Sunwrap   · Ear Candling  
· Reflexology  

· Pedissage   · Manissage  
· 25 Minute Swedish

· Express Facial   · How-to Clinic


     Pick (2) $135  Pick (3) $195  Pick (4) $255 

· Body Wrap with Fresh Cucumber Eye Treatment

· Facial   · 50 Minute Swedish  

· Little Black Dress 


Sugar and Spice and EVERYTHING nice...


      Pick (2) $55  Pick (3) $75  Pick (4) $95

· Chocolate Milk Foot Soak   · Chair Massage  

· Make-Up Application   · Lil’ Facial  
· How-to Clinic   · Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatment   · Glamour Nails and Body Glitter  
· Chocolate Body Wrap with Fresh Cucumber Eye Treatment 


       Add professional photography, refreshments, etc. for an additional fee.

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