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Skin Care


Signature                                                                        $60

Each facial begins with a complete skin consultation and analysis to 
ensure that it is customized with your specific needs in mind. Enjoy
an hour of complete bliss as your face, neck and décolleté` are cleansed,
toned, ex foliated, steamed, masqued and massaged. All facials include
Anti-oxidant Lip Repair as well as corrective and preventive treatments
to leave your skin completely renewed!

Gentleman's    (Includes B's Hive Brew)    $75

Proper skin care is important for EVERYONE! So, kick back and relax
while your face, neck and chest are cleansed, steamed and massaged
to perfection. We'll take the time that you don't have for a deep cleansing, including relaxing steamed towels. Enjoy a custom blend brew made
just for you!


Perfect for those in need of deep pore cleansing. This is the ultimate
facial in ex foliation. Sit back and relax as our state of the art facial
machine is utilized to the max!

Acne                                                                                       $70

Targets acneic skin. From pre-teen to adult acne, this facial is sure to give
you the results you have always desired. Your skin will scream clean!

Calming                                                                             $70

Ideal for sensitive skin, especially where Rosacea is present. The 
products used in this procedure are more gentle than you could find
anywhere else. Your skin will be left soothed and refreshed. Watch the
redness and irritation begin to fade away!

Hydrating                                                                        $70

Dehydrated skin...beware! This treatment quenches thirsty skin like
no other. Take five
while your skin soaks up our Hydrating B5 gel
and mask bringing back your natural glow!  

Anti-Aging                                                                       $75

Designed specifically for those with maturing skin and targeting all of
those areas that have been bound by gravity for far too long. Restore
and preserve your youth!

Rejuvenating                                                                 $95

We are proud to be the first and only to introduce this ultimate, one
and a half hour experience! Pamper yourself with our top of the line
facial available only at B's Hive of Therapy Day Spa! Settle into complete
tranquility with this ten step treatment and reveal your beauty from within!

Chemical Peels

Gel Peel

Better known as a "Chemical peel", our version is less abrasive and even
more effective! Skin simply sloughs off without unsightly scabbing or
peeling. Resurfaces your skin to improve texture and quality. 

Pigment Balancing Masque                    $125

A unique, customizable chemical peel targeting hyper pigmentation to DRAMATICALLY improve the uneven appearance of photo damaged,
mottled skin. This masque combines high performance brightening and
anti-inflammatory agents with a powerful ex foliating acid solution to
accelerate cell renewal and diminish diffused and localized hyper pigmentation.

Pumpkin Peel  (Seasonal)                       $85

Natural pumpkin offers over 100 nutrients and contains natural lactic and salicylic acids as well as several other anti-oxidants. The combination of pumpkin, green tea, pineapple extract, and honey offers a gentle ex foliating peel while introducing nourishing vitamins to encourage cellular turnover. Great for everyone especially those with aging and/or acne prone skin.

*A series of 6 bi-weekly treatments two times per year is recommended for 
  optimal results. (Determined at consultation by Licensed Skin   
  Care Specialist) Then once a month for maintenance between each series.
  Buy 5 peels of any kind and get 1 Free!







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