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Massage Therapy


Gentle but firm stimulation of the muscles for total relaxation and
stress reduction. Thirteen different benefits, including detoxification!

25 min.                                $35
50 min.                                $60
75 min.                                $85
90 min.                               $100

B's Signature Hot Stone

Our most popular massage, hands down! Warm stones are
incorporated  into Swedish massage for
a nurturing, soothing
and extremely relaxing massage.
Relieves muscle aches & pains. 
Increases respiratory
rate & blood circulation. Literally melts 
your tension AWAY!

75 minutes                         $100

Deep Tissue Hot Stone

Warm stones are incorporated into Deep Tissue Massage creating the
perfect combination to relieve chronic muscle aches and tension.

75 minutes                         $125

Dry Brush

Gentle Brushing of the skin for toning & regenerating. Stimulates
skin metabolism & circulation to inner
organs. Strengthens your
immune system.

25 minutes                        $45

Chair Massage

Seated massage performed on-site and administered through
for short treatments of the upper body. Occasions
include sporting events, parties,
employee appreciation, etc.

Per minute                        $1

Facial Massage with Cold Stones

A face lift in an hour! Massage technique designed specifically
to tone the muscles in your face for a younger looking you! 

50 minutes                        $75

Lymphatic Drainage

Great massage to kick start a weight loss program or to help quit smoking.
Massage is designed to go along with the natural flow of your lymphatic
system, the system which filters toxins from your body. Flushes up to 20
times more toxins than any other massage!

50 minutes                         $85


Indulge without the calories! All of the natural benefits of chocolate
and absolutely no guilt! Increases your sense of well being from the
aroma alone! Stimulates cellular metabolism and fights cellulite.

50 minutes                         $70 
75 minutes                         $90


Two is company! Unwind with your significant other OR bring a friend. 

50 minutes                          $130
75 minutes                          $170


Just for Mommy-to-be and baby. Designed specifically to address
discomfort and
promote good health and well being for the expecting
mother and baby during pregnancy. Helps control weight gain.

50 minutes                         $70
75 minutes                         $85

Deep Tissue

Oh, It hurts so good! Advanced technique to reach deeper,
underlying muscles beyond the superficial layer. Targets and
relieves severe muscular tension. Hurt now, play later!

25 minutes                         $50
50 minutes                         $75
75 minutes                        $100
90 minutes                        $125


A unique approach to massage that allows therapist access to even your innermost organs. Reflexology is based on a system of zones and reflex
areas that reflect a mirror image of the body on the feet with a premise
that such work effects a physical change to the body.

30 minutes                       $45
50 minutes                       $65

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