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Hair Removal

Finally, a less abrasive approach to hair removal! Made with only three natural ingredients, sugar, lemon and water, Simply Sugar is the perfect way to achieve silky, smooth skin. Not only will your skin be free of hair but ex foliated as well! Hair is removed in the same direction as natural growth, as a result you will experience less discomfort and breakage. The sugar paste is kept at a constant, warm temperature so burning the skin is not even a possibility. And what's better, no more growing your hair out to unsightly lengths since it can be extracted as short as 1/16 of an inch! You will have silky, smooth skin for WEEKS AT A TIME!


An old, yet popular method of hair removal which removes hair from
the root leaving your skin smooth and hair-free for 2 to 8 weeks!

Sugaring and Waxing Price List

Brow Sculpting                                     $12-15

Upper Lip or Chin                               $12-15

Nose (Inside)                                           $20

Full Face                                                    $40

Under Arm                                               $35

Back                                                               $75 & Up

Half Leg to Knee                                    $60

Full Leg                                                        $80

Bikini                                                             $45

Brazilian (Bare if you dare!)          $100 & Up

Brow To Toe (Wax on, wax off!)  $340

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