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Gift Certificate Xchange

Do you have a gift certificate to another spa that you never got around to using?  Maybe you just prefer B’s Hive of Therapy Day Spa. Take advantage of our gift certificate exchange program! All gift certificates will be honored, even if expired, whether they are from a local or non-local spa.

The gift certificate exchange works as follows:

A fifty percent credit is applied to your entire service total at B’s Hive of Therapy Day Spa in exchange for your foreign gift certificate. This allows you the opportunity to increase the value of your certificate. For example, you may redeem a thirty dollar certificate from another spa with us and receive fifty percent off of an entire day at our spa. In that case, your thirty dollar gift certificate becomes valued at somewhere around three hundred dollars!  Basically, YOU dictate what your certificate is worth!

The gift certificate exchange program was designed by owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, Brandy LeBlanc, to create more local options. “Our goal is not to take business away from other spas, rather keep business local."

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