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Body Treatments

Bac-ial                                                                     $50

A facial for your back! Your skin is cleansed, ex foliated, masqued, hydrated
and massaged to perfection as you reach complete relaxation! Perfect for the
strapless days of summer.

Fresh Grapefruit Bac-ial                                  $65

EXCLUSIVELY at The Hive! When applied topically, grapefruit combats cellulite, treats acne, fights premature aging and MUCH MORE! Give your skin the bee-u-tiful glow
it deserves!

Body Wraps

Lose inches and tighten your skin while you relax! Rids your body of
stagnant toxins to improve health. Lose 4 - 15 inches per treatment!

*Detoxifying Treatment                                             $65

*Swiss Chocolate                                                                $65

*Anti Cellulite                                                                       $70

B's Signature Contouring Wrap                    $100

Your skin is polished to open pores and prepare your body for maximum results. A clear contouring solution is applied and left on to absorb into
the skin and continue working even after you're gone! Lose 5-16 inches
PER TREATMENT! While it is detoxifying, this is not a water reduction wrap. The gel penetrates the protein wall around the fat cells as properties begin breaking down the bulky toxins into the Lymphatic system. Removes cellulite, reduces stretch marks, improves blemishes and tightens sagging skin!

Body Polishing                                                    

Manual ex foliation for your entire body! Dead sea salts are infused
with essential 
oils to remove dead skin cells and promote regeneration. 
Benefits include increased circulation and detoxification.

Oriental Foot Bath                                                              $45

Warm, soothing sponge bath from the knees down. Includes
cleansing, ex foliation, hydration, paraffin treatment and a light
Customized to fit your needs.

Full Body Paraffin Wax Treatment                

Your entire body is wrapped in warm paraffin creating complete re-hydration for a  soft, silky feel. This is a detoxifying treatment that
also relieves chronic joint & muscle pain.

Feet                                                                                                   $12                                                     

Ear Candling                                                          

A soothing and very therapeutic treatment for the ears that removes excess
wax and debris. Relieves sinus pressure and improves hearing & balance.

Invigorating Body Treatments

Full Body                                                                                       $115
This is the ultimate spa treatment that leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated from head to toe! Includes full body ex foliation, masque,
and hydration. A Refreshing Scalp Treatment, Herbal Foot Soak and light massage are also included. It doesn't get any better than this!

Back                                                                                                      $45

Legs & Feet (Includes Herbal Foot Soak)  $50

Hands                                                                                              $20

Tummy Firming Treatment                              

Whether you have the post-natal blues or just need a little firming
action, you will love our tummy firming treatment! A combination
of massage and an algae masque do the trick! While the massage tones
your abdominal muscles, the masque tightens the skin.

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